Fitness Specialist

Drew Gustafson

Drew has been involved with all types of fitness training and for over 20 years. Drew trains kids, men, women, students, and seniors. He works with fitness levels ranging from beginners to advanced. His work also includes athletes at all levels including professional athletes such as Gary Doak (Boston Bruins), Dan Marley (Phoenix Suns), Rodney Culver (San Diego Chargers). Achieve Fitness and Wellness offers corporate fitness & wellness consulting and he speaks throughout the New England area at companies such as CGPR, HCPRO, Salem Five Bank, and Eastern Bank about the importance of incorporating health programs in one's life. Drew's enthusiasm for exercise and living a healthy life style is contagious. His outgoing and interactive approach to learning motivates his audience to commit to new lifestyles.

He has studied under some of the best and brightest in health, fitness, and sport. He earned licenses, certifications and degree, MCPT, ACPT, Kinesiology, Flexology. His workouts have been featured and presented at several companies, clinics, and training camps throughout Massachusetts. In addition to being Owner, Director of Metabolic Testing, Fitness Specialist and Weight Management Specialist for Achieve Fitness & Wellness, Drew consults many cycling teams, teams and individuals dealing with chronic Illnesses.

The hardest part is taking that first step; to motivate yourself to come to the gym and get started. If you can do that, I'll help you with the other steps, and the results will be very rewarding. By combining strength and resistance training with core conditioning (trunk strength) and a wide variety of cardiovascular training, I can assist you in setting and achieving your lifestyle and fitness goals.

Drew's experience includes an extensive sports background that contributes to his all around creative training methods. His sports background includes cycling, an Elite Pro Bicycle Motocross in the 80's, He thought he could make a comeback in 2008 to be an Olympic contender for 2008, ranked 5th in United States (USAC Championships) 2007, UCI-USA cycling 8th in the world, two-time NBL National Champion in the early 80's. Participated in NFL Pre-Season camp Minnesota Vikings. U of M Collegiate Football, Track & Field. Participated in 1992 Olympic Trials competitor 100-200m, 1992 USA National Team-vs-Canada National Track & Field.

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